Activities Spotlight: Vanessa Andrew

Vanessa Andrew of Madam Chino's Look Nook will be teaching at the activities area from 2:00 - 3:00.  Join her for her workshop: T-SHIRT YARN FACTORY!


Learn the tricks to creating continuous strands of your own yarn from
tubular bodices of clothing and flat swaths of scrap fabric, and
spooling them for later use.  Practice crocheting by hand or with
homemade hooks to make a rug!

NAF Vendor Spotlight: Steve Weigl


Plushzilla AKA Steve Weigl is an artist and plush toy maker hailing from the east side of Milwaukee.  All his life he's had to deal with being a shorter person (5'4") this means that he has had to have almost every pair of pants he has ever owned hemmed. After college his mother finally gave up and made him hem his own pants, and so his love of sewing began.  A number years ago Steve tried to make a puppet bear for fun, that project failed but he was left with a bunch of fur cloth and a sewing machine. It was then that he decided to make his first teddy bear. Everyone loved it so he decided to make more, thus Plushilla was born.  Plushzilla can be found on Etsy at, on Facebook at and on Twitter at: @Plushzillabears.


NAF Vendor Spotlight: Jeff Percival


Jeffrey Percival, aka "Percy the Potter", has been playing in clay since 1974.  He became addicted to clay before moving to Milwaukee in 1975.   He discovered UW-M's Craft Center, where he has been working in clay as a pottery student and community member.


Over the last 10 years, Percy has focused on Raku fired pieces and "Moribanas" (Japanese Flower Bowls).